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Tire Edge Uneven Wear

Tire Rotation

Most people tend to overlook the importance of tire rotation, which happens to be a crucial aspect of routine car maintenance. In case you are wondering what it is all about and why car manufacturers…

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Learn the effects of sun damage on car tires and practical tips to keep them safe from UV rays and heat
UV and Sun Damage To The Tires

All-season tires may not be the safest choice for winter driving – learn about the key differences between them and winter tires.
Winter Tires In Snow

Choosing the original equipment tire size for a vehicle involves a significant amount of engineering,…
Installing Wrong Size Tires on Your Car

Tires are not just round pieces of rubber. They are complex pieces of engineering built…
New Tires

Your vehicle’s tires are just like kick drums. Every time your car rolls over expansion…
Noise Reducing Tires - Interior Foam

Maintaining proper tire pressure is crucial for ensuring optimal vehicle performance and safety. But when…
Tire Pressure Sticker on the driver's door jab

As cold weather approaches and temperatures drop, many drivers notice the tire pressure light illuminating…
Tire Pressure Warning (TPMS)

Wheel misalignment can lead to a host of issues that affect your vehicle’s safety and…
Wheel Alignment: Examples of correct and Incorrect Wheel Alignment

Regular tire rotation is a crucial preventative maintenance measure to ensure that your tires wear…
Rear Wheel Drive Tire Rotation Patterns

Tire rotation is an important preventative maintenance step that helps to ensure your tires wear…
Front Wheel Drive Tire Rotation Patterns

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