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Tire Testing

At Tire Crunch, we’ve been helping drivers make informed decisions about their tires by testing them for grip, durability, and real-world performance.


Our experienced team uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to measure a tire’s performance on more than 30 metrics including dry and wet traction, handling, and braking.

We test all the major manufacturers with an independent and unbiased eye. With unbiased and independent reviews, our tests reveal which tires deliver as promised and which do not.


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Tire Tester
Omar Mathis
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With 15+ years of experience in the automotive field, Omar leads Tire Crunch’s tire-testing efforts and supplies consumers with a truly unique and insightful perspective on his tire reviews.

Omar’s interest in automotive journalism began when he was just a student at Davenport University and he submitted an unsolicited resume to a car magazine which led to a part-time job.

Aside from his extensive knowledge in the automotive industry, Omar’s passion for racing has been a key part of his journey. He competes in slalom races and has achieved great success over the years – developing exceptional driving skills and gaining valuable insights into how tires perform under different conditions.


Yvan Crosin
Email | Facebook | Instagram

Walking encyclopedia and source of information. Yvan is a content editor with a deep passion for automotive media. He has been involved with car magazines and websites for many years, working as a writer, editor, and copy editor.

His extensive experience includes editing some of the greatest automotive journalists of our time, and he sees it as his calling to guard the legacy and help ensure the continued high quality of Tire Crunch.

Despite his love for all things four-wheeled, Yvan has a bit of a quirk: he’s currently driving a tiny Smart Car, much to the amusement of his friends and family.


Content Writer
André Usatiy
Email | Twitter | Instagram

André is a car enthusiast and a self-proclaimed tire nerd.

When he’s not tinkering with his own cars or obsessively researching tire brands, André can often be found cracking jokes with his team and sharing amusing memes on their Slack channel.

His colleagues describe him as a combination of a car guru and a stand-up comedian, with a talent for making even the most mundane tire specs seem interesting.


Tire Tester / Founder
Mitchell Lucas

Mitchell, originally from the Netherlands, is a tire expert who, in 2014, decided to take control of his destiny by launching his own tire shop: D&B Bandenservice.

Through managing his own shop, he gained valuable knowledge about trends, technologies, and regulations in the tire industry. This invaluable experience has given him even more expertise that he passes along in his reviews.

Today, he continues to write insightful tire reviews for Tire Crunch while also running his shop.