Tire Tread Wear Rating Chart – Database

The Tread Wear Ratings Chart is designed to assist consumers in making informed decisions when purchasing tires for their vehicles. The chart categorizes tires into different tread wear rating classes, typically ranging from 100 to 800, with higher numbers indicating longer-lasting tires.

This allows users to quickly compare and contrast the expected lifespan of different tire options, helping them choose the right tires based on their specific needs and budget.

Tire Tread Wear Sidewall Marking

Tread Wear Rating Chart:

Bridgestone Tread Wear Rating Chart:

The tread wear ratings for Bridgestone tires range from 120 to 880.

Tire ModelTire SizeTread Wear
Ecopia Ep150195/55R16 87V880
Alenza As Ultra245/70R17800
Alenza As Ultra255/65R18800
Alenza As Ultra255/70R17800
Alenza As Ultra265/65R17800
Alenza As Ultra265/65R18800
Alenza As Ultra265/70R16800
Alenza As Ultra265/70R17800
Alenza As Ultra275/60R20800
Alenza As Ultra275/65R18800
Dueler H/L Alenza Plus "H" & "V" Spd RtdAll Sizes800
Dueler H/L Alenza Plus "T" Spd RtdAll Sizes800
Dueler H/L Alenza Plus "W" Spd Rtd255/55R18 109 W800
Turanza Serenity "H" Spd RtdAll sizes740
Turanza T001215/50R17740
Dueler LthAll sizes720
Alenza A/S 02255/55R19 107H700
Alenza A/S 02All Sizes Except700
Dueler H/L Alenza "T" Spd RtdAll sizes700
Dueler H/L Alenza "S" Spd RtdAll sizes700
Turanza Ls-TAll sizes700
Ecopia H/L 422 Plus235/60R18 103H700
Ecopia H/L 422 Plus235/65R17 104H700
WeatherpeakAll Sizes700
Ecopia Ep150185/60R15 88H XL680
Driveguard PlusAll Sizes except640
Turanza El400 "T" Spd Rtd (Replacement)All sizes640
Turanza El400 Oe215/55R17 94V640
Ecopia Ep422 Plus "H" & "V" Spd RtdAll Sizes Except640
Ecopia Ep422 Plus "T" Spd RtdAll Sizes Except640
WeathergripAll Sizes640
Dueler H/L 400265/50R20 107T600
Dueler H/L Alenza "H" And "V" Spd RtdAll sizes except600
Dueler H/L Alenza "H" Spd RtdP275/55R20600
Dueler H/L Alenza "H" Spd RtdP285/45R22600
Turanza Serenity Plus, "H" & "V" Spd RtdAll Sizes600
Ecopia Ep422 Plus235/55R18 100H600
Ecopia Ep422 PlusP205/60R16600
Ecopia H/L 422 Plus265/50R20600
Ecopia H/L 422 PlusAll Sizes Except600
Turanza El400 Oe205/65R16 94H560
Turanza Ls100 A RftAll sizes560
Insignia Se200 (Replacement)All sizes except560
Weatherforce PlusAll sizes except560
Weatherforce PlusP225/55R17560
Weatherforce PlusP235/55R17560
Dueler A/T Revo 3All sizes540
Dueler H/L Alenza Plus "W" Spd RtdAll Sizes Except540
Ecopia Ep150195/65R15 91H540
Ecopia Ep150205/60R16 92H540
Ecopia Ep422 Plus195/65R15 91H540
Ecopia Ep422 Plus205/55R16 91H540
Dueler A/T 693255/70R17 112T (OE)520
Dueler H/T 685245/75R17 112T520
Dueler H/T 685255/65R17 110T520
Alenza A/S 02255/50R19 107H XL500
Alenza Sport A/SAll Sizes500
Driveguard "H" & "V" Spd RtdAll Sizes500
Driveguard Plus235/55R18500
Dueler A/T RevoAll sizes500
Dueler A/T Revo 2215 Aspect Ratio & Above500
Dueler A/T Revo 2All sizes500
Dueler H/P Sport As225/60R18 100H500
Dueler H/P Sport As225/65R17 102H500
Dueler H/P Sport As245/60R18 105H500
Dueler H/P Sport As245/60R18 105V500
Dueler H/P Sport AsAll Sizes Except500
Potenza Re980AsAll sizes500
Turanza Serenity Plus, "W" Spd RtdAll Sizes500
Dueler H/T 685255/70R17 112T (OE)500
Firehawk As V2All Sizes500
Potenza Re97As235/45R18 (OE2)480
Potenza Re97AsAll Sizes Except480
Turanza El440All Sizes480
Turanza Er300 (Oe)185/60R15480
Turanza Er370All sizes480
Ecopia Ep422All sizes except480
B420All sizes460
Driveguard "W" Spd RtdAll Sizes460
Dueler A/T 695All sizes460
Dueler Apt IvAll sizes460
Dueler H/L 683All sizes460
Dueler H/T 684 Ii (Replacement)All sizes460
Dueler H/T 684 Ii (Trade)All Sizes460
Hp50All sizes460
Hp550All sizes460
Potenza G 009All sizes460
Potenza G019 GridAll sizes460
WeatherforceAll sizes460
Dueler H/L Alenza "V" Spd RdtAll sizes440
Dueler H/L Alenza "W" Spd RtdAll sizes440
Dueler H/P Sport As235/55R20440
Dueler H/P Sport As235/60R18440
Turanza Serenity "V", "Z" & "W" Spd RtdAll sizes440
Ecopia Ep500175/55R20 89Q440
Insignia Se200 (Replacement)13" sizes440
Potenza Re740All sizes440
Potenza Re740 LibertadoresAll sizes440
Weatherforce PlusAll 13" Sizes440
Turanza T005205/55R1791V420
Alenza A/S 02235/50R20 100V EMT400
Dueler A/T 693All sizes except400
Dueler Apt IiiAll sizes400
Dueler H/P Sport As225/65R17400
Dueler A/T 693255/70R16 111T (OE)400
Dueler A/T Rh-SAll sizes400
Dueler H/L 400 "H" Spd RtdP255/55R18400
Dueler H/L 400 "S" And "T" Spd Rtd >195All sizes400
Potenza Re950All sizes400
Potenza Re960As PpAll sizes400
Potenza Re960As Pp RftAll Sizes400
Potenza Re970As PpAll Sizes400
Potenza Re97As225/50R18400
Potenza Re97As235/45R18 (OE1)400
Potenza Re97AsP245/40R20400
Potenza Re97AsP245/45RF17400
Turanza El400 "H" Spd Rtd (Oe)All sizes400
Turanza El400-02 "T" >195 (Oe & Trade)All sizes400
Turanza El450All Sizes400
Turanza Ls-HAll sizes400
Turanza Ls-VAll sizes400
Dueler RvtAll sizes400
Ecopia Ep100All sizes400
Ecopia Ep422P205/55R16400
Potenza Re910All sizes400
Alenza A/S 02235/60R18 103H380
Turanza T005225/45R1791W380
Ecopia Ep150185/65R15 88T380
Ecopia Ep20All sizes380
Insignia Se200 (Oe)All sizes380
Insignia Se200 (Replacement)P195/65R15380
Insignia Se200-02All sizes380
B450All sizes360
Dueler A/T 693 Ii "H RatedAll sizes360
Dueler A/T 693 Ii "S/T RatedAll sizes360
Dueler A/T 693 IiiAll sizes Except360
Dueler H/T 470All sizes360
Potenza Re92 (Oe)& P225/60R15 "H"360
Potenza Re92 (Oe)P195/60R15 "H"360
Potenza Re92 (Oe)P225/60R16 "H"360
Potenza Re92 (Replacement)225/60R16360
Dueler H/T 684 Ii (Oe)All sizes except360
Dueler H/T 684 Ii (Oe)P245/60R20360
Dueler H/T 684 Ii (Oe)P265/60R18360
Dueler H/T 684 Ii (Oe)P275/50R22360
Dueler H/T 684 Ii (Oe)P285/60R18360
Dueler H/T 684 Ii (Trade)P235/70R16 T360
Dueler H/T 684 Ii (Trade)P265/65R17 112S360
Dueler H/T 684 Ii Ecopia245/70R16360
Dueler H/T 684 Ii Ecopia255/65R17360
Dueler H/T 684 Ii Ecopia265/60R18360
Ecopia Ep02All sizes360
Ecopia Ep03All sizes360
Ecopia Ep150185/65R15 88H360
B381All sizes except340
Dueler A/T Revo 2205 Aspect Ratio & Below340
Potenza S007A RftAll sizes340
Potenza Re750All sizes340
Potenza Re760All sizes340
Potenza Re760 SportAll sizes340
Turanza T005All sizes except340
Turanza T005AAll Sizes340
Dueler A/T 693 Iii285/60R18 116V320
Dueler H/L 400 "S" And "T" Spd Rtd <205All sizes320
Turanza El400-02 "T" <205 (Oe)All sizes320
Turanza El41 "T" Spd RtdAll sizes320
Turanza El42 "T" Spd RtdAll sizes320
Turanza El42+All sizes320
Turanza Er300185/65R15320
Turanza Er300All sizes except320
Turanza Er300 EcopiaAll sizes320
Turanza Er300-2 RftAll sizes320
Turanza Er33215/50R17 91V320
Turanza Ls-ZAll sizes320
Turanza T001All Sizes320
Turanza T001All sizes except320
Turanza T005205/60R16320
Turanza T005225/45R17320
Ecopia Ep150185/60R15 84H320
Alenza 001All Sizes300
Alenza 001 RftAll sizes300
Alenza A/S 02235/50RF20 100 V300
Dueler H/L 400 "H" Spd RtdAll sizes except300
Dueler H/L 400 "V" Spd Rtd (Oe)All sizes except300
Dueler H/P 680All sizes except300
Dueler H/P 680 "S" Speed RatedAll sizes300
Dueler H/P SportAll sizes300
Dueler H/P Sport As265/60R18300
Dueler H/P Sport Ecopia205/60R16300
Dueler H/P Sport Moe255/50R19300
Dueler H/P Sport Moe265/45R20 104Y300
Dueler H/P Sport RftAll sizes300
Potenza Re930IAll sizes300
Potenza Sport245/35ZR19300
Potenza Sport245/35ZR20300
Potenza Sport265/35ZR19300
Potenza Sport285/30ZR20300
Potenza SportAll sizes except300
Turanza El400-02 "H" Spd Rtd (Oe)All sizes except300
Turanza El400-02 "H" Spd Rtd (Oe)P205/55R16 H-Speed300
Turanza El41 "H" Spd RtdAll sizes300
Turanza El42 "H" Spd RtdAll sizes300
Turanza El42 Rft "H" Spd RtdAll sizes300
Turanza El470All sizes300
Dueler H/T 684 "H" Spd RtdAll sizes300
Dueler H/T 684 "S" Spd RtdP235/70R16300
Dueler H/T 684 "T" Spd Rtd215/65R16300
Dueler H/T 684 "T" Spd Rtd245/70R16300
Dueler H/T 684 "T" Spd RtdP255/70R16300
Dueler H/T 687 "H" Spd RtdAll sizes300
Dueler H/T 687 "S" And "T" Spd RtdAll sizes300
Dueler H/T 840 "H" Spd RtdAll sizes except300
Dueler H/T 840 "H" Spd RtdP265/60R18300
Dueler H/T 840 "H" Spd RtdP265/65R17300
Dueler H/T 840 "S" & "T" Spd RtdAll sizes300
Potenza S-04 Pole PositionAll Sizes280
Potenza S001205/50R17280
Potenza S001225/40R18280
Potenza S001225/40R19280
Potenza S001225/45R17280
Potenza S001245/35R18280
Potenza S001245/40R17280
Potenza S001255/35R19280
Potenza S001All sizes280
Potenza S001 RftAll Sizes280
Potenzare050ApolepositionAll sizes280
Re97As RftP255/35RF20280
Potenza Re050A Pp RftAll sizes280
B381P185/64R14 "S260
Dueler H/L 400 "V" Spd Rtd (Oe)235/55R19260
Dueler H/L 400 "V" Spd Rtd (Oe)255/50R19260
Dueler H/L 400 "V" Spd Rtd (Oe)P235/55R19260
Dueler H/L 400 "V" Spd Rtd (Oe)P235/60R18260
Dueler H/L 400 "V" Spd Rtd (Oe)P245/50R18260
Dueler H/L 400 "V" Spd Rtd (Oe)P245/50R20260
Dueler H/L 400 "V" Spd Rtd (Oe)P265/45R21260
Dueler H/L 400 MoeAll sizes260
Dueler H/P 92AAll sizes260
Potenza Re92 (Oe)P165/65R14260
Potenza Re92 (Replacement)185/65R15 "S"260
Potenza Re92 (Replacement)All sizes except260
Potenza Re92AAll sizes260
Potenza Re92A RftAll sizes260
Turanza El400-02 "H" Spd Rtd (Oe)P215/55R17 V-Speed260
Turanza El400-02 "V" ,"W" & "Z" (Oe)All sizes260
Turanza El41 "V" Spd RtdAll sizes260
Turanza El42 "V" & "W" Spd RtdAll sizes260
Turanza El42 Rft "V" Spd RtdAll sizes260
Turanza T005235/45R18260
Turanza T005A235/45R18260
B381P185/65R14 "T240
B340All sizes240
Potenza S005All sizes240
Potenza S007All sizes240
Potenza S03 Pole PositionAll sizes220
B250 "V RatedAll sizes200
B390All sizes except200
B250H Speed rated sizes200
B250 "T RatedAll size200
B250 Ecopia215/60R16 H-speed (OE)200
Potenza Sport245/30ZR20200
Potenza Sport305/30ZR20200
Ecopia Ep150All Sizes Except200
Potenza RaceAll Sizes200
Potenza Re-71RAll sizes200
Dueler H/T 684All sizes except180
Dueler H/T 684 "S" Spd RtdAll sizes except180
Dueler H/T 689All sizes except180
Dueler H/T 689 "H" Spd RtdAll sizes180
Potenza G IiiAll sizes180
Potenza Re-01RAll sizes180
Potenza Re-11All sizes180
Potenza Re92 (Oe)All sizes except160
Potenza Re92 (Oe)P185/65R14 "S"160
Potenza S-02All sizes140
Potenza S-02A205/50ZR17140
Potenza S-02AAll sizes140
Re71 RftAll sizes140
Turanza Er30All sizes140
Turanza Er30 Moe255/50R19140
Turanza Er33All sizes Except140
Turanza Er33 RftAll sizes140
Expedia S-01All sizes140
Potenza Re010All sizes except140
Potenza Re011All sizes140
Potenza Re030All sizes140
Potenza Re040All sizes140
Potenza Re040 RftAll sizes140
Potenza Re050All sizes140
Potenza Re050 EcopiaAll sizes140
Potenza Re050 MoextendedAll sizes140
Potenza Re050 RftAll sizes140
Potenza Re050AAll sizes140
Potenza Re050A I RftAll sizes140
Potenza Re050A Ii RftAll sizes140
Potenza Re050A MoextendedAll sizes140
Potenza Re050A RftAll sizes140
Potenza Re050A Rft EcopiaAll Sizes140
Potenza Re050A ScuderiaAll sizes140
Potenza Re070All sizes140
Potenza Re070R RftAll sizes140
Potenza Re88All sizes140
Potenza Re010215/45ZR16120
Potenza Re010245/40ZR17120

Continental Tread Wear Rating Chart:

The tread wear ratings for Continental tires range from 240 to 800.

Tire ModelTire SizeTread Wear
Terraincontact H/TS & T speed rated800
TruecontactH & V speed rated800
TruecontactT speed rated800
Truecontact TourH & V speed rated800
Truecontact TourT speed rated800
Conticrosscontact Lx20S & T speed rated740
Conticrosscontact Lx25H & V speed rated740
Conticrosscontact Lx25T speed rated740
Crosscontact Lx25All sizes740
Terraincontact H/TH speed rated720
PurecontactAll sizes700
Purecontact LsAll sizes700
Conticrosscontact Lx20H speed rated sizes680
Crosscontact LxAll except680
Terraincontact A/TH & V speed rated680
Terraincontact A/TS & T speed rated680
Grabber At2All sizes640
Grabber HtsAll sizes640
Altimax Rt225/70R15600
Altimax Rt235/70R15600
Altimax Rt235/75R15600
Altimax RtAll except600
Procontact EcoplusAll sizes600
Crosscontact Lx275/45R20560
Crosscontact Lx275/55R20560
Crosscontact LxP245/60R18560
Extremecontact Dws06Load Index >= 103560
Extremecontact Dws06Load Index >= 104560
Extremecontact Dws06 PlusLoad Index <= 103560
Extremecontact Dws06 PlusLoad Index >= 104560
Extremecontact DwsAll sizes540
Ameri*Gs60All sizes520
Contitouringcontact AsAll sizes520
ContitracAll sizes520
Contitrac SuvP265/70R17520
Contitrac TrAll sizes520
Crosscontact Lx275/55R17520
Ameritrac TrP255/70R17500
Ameritrac TrP265/70R17500
Ameritrac TrP265/75R15500
Contiprocontact - Cs235/40R18500
Contiprocontact - Cs235/45R17500
Contiprocontact - Ssr205/55R17500
Contiprocontact - Ssr255/45R18500
Conticrosscontact Rx215/60R17 96H480
Crosscontact Lx SportAll sizes480
Crosscontact Lx Sport - Ssr255/50R19480
Crosscontact RxAll sizes480
Altimax Hp235/60R17440
Altimax HpAll except440
Altimax Rt175/65R14440
Altimax Rt175/70R13440
Altimax Rt175/70R14440
Altimax Rt185/60R15440
Altimax Rt185/65R14440
Altimax Rt185/65R15440
Altimax Rt185/70R14440
G-Max As-03All sizes440
4X4Contact235/65R17 104H420
AmeritracAll sizes420
Conticontact Uhp - Ssr255/50R19420
Contisportcontact 5255/50R19420
Contisportcontact 5255/55R18420
Contisportcontact 5 - Ssr255/50R19420
Crosscontact Uhp255/60R17420
Crosscontact UhpAll except420
Grabber AwAll sizes420
ContiextremecontactAll except400
ContiprocontactAll except400
Contiprocontact - Cs225/60R18400
Contiprocontact - SsrAll except400
Contisportcontact 5245/40R18400
Contisportcontact 5265/35R18400
Evertrek HpAll sizes400
Exclaim UhpAll sizes380
4X4ContactAll except360
4X4Contact - Ssr255/50R19360
4X4Contact - Ssr255/55R18360
Contitouringcontact Ch95All sizes360
Contitouringcontact Ct95P215/60R17360
Contitouringcontact Ct95P215/65R17360
Contitouringcontact Cv95All except360
Contitouringcontact Cw95All sizes360
Grabber UhpAll except360
Extremecontact DwAll sizes340
Extremecontact SportAll sizes340
Crosscontact Uhp285/35R22320
Grabber Uhp255/45R20320
Grabber Uhp255/50R19320
Grabber Uhp265/40R22320
Grabber Uhp265/50R20320
Grabber Uhp275/40R20320
Grabber Uhp275/45R19320
Grabber Uhp275/45R20320
Grabber Uhp285/35R22320
Grabber Uhp285/40R24320
Grabber Uhp285/45R19320
Grabber Uhp285/50R20320
Grabber Uhp295/45R20320
Grabber Uhp295/50R20320
Grabber Uhp305/35R24320
Grabber Uhp305/40R22320
Grabber Uhp305/40R23320
Grabber Uhp305/40R24320
Grabber Uhp305/45R22320
Grabber Uhp305/50R20320
Grabber Uhp315/35R24320
Contipremiumcontact 2All sizes280
Contipremiumcontact 2 - Ssr205/55R16280
Contipremiumcontact 2 - SsrAll except280
ContisportcontactAll sizes280
Contisportcontact 2All sizes280
Contisportcontact 2 - SsrAll sizes280
Contisportcontact 3All sizes280
Contisportcontact 3 - CsAll sizes280
Contisportcontact 3 - Ssr245/45R18280
Contisportcontact 3 - Ssr245/45R19280
Contisportcontact 3 - SsrAll sizes280
Contisportcontact 5All sizes280
Contisportcontact 5 - Ssr225/45R18280
Contisportcontact 5PAll sizes280
Contisportcontact 5P - Ssr245/40R19280
Contisportcontact 5P - Ssr275/35R19280
Contisportcontact VmaxAll sizes280
Crosscontact Uhp255/55R18280
Crosscontact Uhp295/35R21280
Vancofourseason225/55R17 101H280
Vancontact A/SAll sizes280
Contisportcontact 5225/40R18240
Contisportcontact 5 - Ssr255/55R18240
Contisportcontact 5P275/30ZR21240
Contisportcontact 5P275/35R21240
Contisportcontact 5P275/35ZR20240
Contisportcontact 5P285/30R19240
Contisportcontact 5P285/30ZR19240
Contisportcontact 5P305/30ZR19240
Contisportcontact 5P225/35ZR19240
Contisportcontact 5P235/35ZR19240
Contisportcontact 5P255/30ZR19240
Contisportcontact 5P255/35R19240
Contisportcontact 5P255/35ZR19240
Contisportcontact 5P255/35ZR20240
Contisportcontact 5P265/35R21240
Contitouringcontact Cv95205/55R16240
Sportcontact 6All sizes240

Cooper Tread Wear Rating Chart:

The tread wear ratings for Cooper tires range from 300 to 780.

Tire ModelTire SizeTread Wear
Adventurer Tour (T)All sizes780
Cs5 Grand TouringAll sizes780
Discoverer Srx (H)All sizes740
Discoverer Srx (T & S)All sizes740
Courser Quest (V-Rated)All sizes700
Discoverer Cts (T-Rated)All sizes700
Discoverer Srx (V)All sizes700
Endeavor Plus (T-Rated)275/65R18690
Endeavor Plus (T-Rated)265/70R17689
Endeavor Plus (T-Rated)265/70R16688
Endeavor Plus (T-Rated)265/65R18687
Endeavor Plus (T-Rated)265/65R17686
Endeavor Plus (T-Rated)265/60R18685
Endeavor Plus (T-Rated)265/50R20684
Endeavor Plus (T-Rated)255/65R18683
Endeavor Plus (T-Rated)245/70R17682
Endeavor Plus (T-Rated)245/65R17681
Endeavor (H-Rated)All sizes except680
Endeavor (T-Rated)All sizes except680
Endeavor (V-Rated)All sizes except680
Endeavor Plus (H-Rated)All sizes except680
Endeavor Plus (T-Rated)235/70R16680
Endeavor Plus (T-Rated)All sizes except680
Endeavor Plus (V-Rated)All sizes except680
Adventurer All Season (T-Rated)All sizes660
Adventurer Tour (V/H)All sizes640
Cs4 (Tr)14"640
Cs5 Ultra Touring (H)All sizes640
Cs5 Ultra Touring (V)All sizes640
Discoverer EnduramaxAll sizes640
Discoverer All-Terrain (T-Rated)All sizes620
Discoverer At3 4SAll sizes620
Discoverer Cts (H-Rated)All sizes620
Adventurer H/TAll sizes600
Commuter (T-Rated)All sizes except600
Cs3 Touring (T)All sizes600
Cs5 Ultra Touring185/65R15600
Discoverer At3 Sport2 (H-Rated)All sizes600
Discoverer At3 Sport2 (T-Rated)All sizes600
Discoverer AtpiiAll sizes except600
Discoverer HtpAll sizes600
Discoverer Lsx PlusAll sizes600
Discoverer Rugged TrekAll sizes600
Discoverer Rugged Trek (T-Rated)All sizes600
Discoverer Srx-LeAll sizes600
Discoverer Srx-Le (O.E)All sizes600
Evolution H/TAll sizes600
Evolution Tour (T)All sizes600
Gls Touring (T)All sizes600
Wayfarer (H-Rated)All sizes except600
Commuter (H-Rated)All sizes580
Commuter (V-Rated)All sizes580
Cs3 Touring (V, H)All sizes580
Evolution Tour ( V & H)All sizes580
Gls Touring (H & V)All sizes580
Cs4 (H)All sizes560
Deegan 38 All-TerrainAll sizes560
Discoverer X/T^4All sizes560
Discoverer A/T^3All sizes560
Discoverer A/T^WAll sizes560
Discoverer AtpAll sizes560
Evolution AttAll sizes560
GfeAll sizes540
Gls Touring225/50R18540
Lifeliner Gls (T)All sizes540
Response Touring(T)All sizes540
Cs1 (T-Rated)(=> 195 Section Width)All sizes520
Cs4 (V)All sizes520
Discoverer H/TAll sizes520
Discoverer LsxAll sizes520
Zeon LtzAll sizes520
Adventurer A/TAll sizes500
Adventurer Tour (W)All sizes500
Cs5 Ultra Touring (W)All sizes500
Dick Cepek Trail CountryAll sizes500
Discoverer AtrAll sizes500
Discoverer RtxAll sizes500
Zeon Rs3-AAll sizes500
Zeon Rs3-G1All sizes500
Discoverer A/TAll sizes460
Discoverer H/T PlusAll sizes460
Cobra Radial G/T (Sr)50 Series440
Cobra Radial G/T (Tr)55/60/65/70 Series440
Cs1 (T-Rated)(165 To 185 Section Width)All sizes440
Discoverer H/T (Hr)All sizes440
Discoverer Radial SteAll sizes440
Gls Touring205/55R16440
Gls Touring225/55R18440
Gls Touring225/60R18440
Gls Touring235/55R18440
Lifeliner Gls (V & H)All sizes440
Response Touring(V & H)All sizes440
Sportsman S/T (50 Series Only)All sizes440
Sportsman S/T (All Others)All sizes440
Trendsetter SeAll sizes440
Zeon XstAll sizes420
Zeon Xst^AAll sizes420
Discoverer Ast IiAll sizes400
Discoverer Crossrange (H-Rated)All sizes400
Evolution SportAll sizes400
Zeon Sport A/S (V-Rated)All sizes400
Zeon Sport A/S (W-Rated)All sizes400
Zeon ZptAll sizes380
Zeon Cs8 (V-Rated)All sizes360
Zeon Cs8 (W-Rated)All sizes360
Zeon Cs8 (Y-Rated)All sizes360
Sportmaster GleAll sizes300
Street CompAll sizes300
VhpAll sizes300
Zeon Rs3-SAll sizes300
Zeon XtcAll sizes300
Zeon 2Xs (Vr)All sizes280
Zeon 2Xs (W & Y-Rated)All sizes280
Zeon Crossrange (H-Rated)All sizes280
Discoverer Sport HpAll sizes260
Discoverer Sport Hp 4X4All sizes260
Zeon AspAll sizes220
Zeon Rs3All sizes220
Cobra Gts (Sr)225/70R15400
Roadmaster Rampage GthAll sizes380
Roadmaster GxeAll sizes300
Sportmaster GleAll sizes300

Dunlop Tread Wear Rating Chart:

The tread wear ratings for Dunlop tires range from 80 to 700.

Tire ModelTire SizeTread Wear
SignatureP205/65R15 92T700
Signature Ii (T)All sizes620
Conquest TouringAll sizes600
Grandtrek At5All H-SPEED RATED600
Grandtrek At5All sizes OTHERS600
Signature Ii (H&V)All sizes580
Grandtrek At3GAll sizes560
Enasave 01 A/S (S)P195/65R15 89S540
Conquest Sport A/SAll sizes500
Rover H/TAll sizes500
Signature CsAll sizes500
Signature HpAll sizes500
Sp Sport Maxx GtAll sizes500
Sp Touring T1 ( S & T)All sizes500
Sp Touring T1 (H)All sizes500
Tk100All sizes500
Direzza Dz102All sizes460
Direzza Dz102+All sizes460
Sp 50All sizes460
Sp Sport Signature (H & V)All sizes460
Sp Sport Signature (W & Y)All sizes420
Sp Sport Lm705All sizes400
Sp Sport Maxx 060+All sizes400
Enasave 2030 (V)All sizes360
Grandtrek At20195/80R15 96S360
Grandtrek At23265/55R19 109V360
Grandtrek At23All sizes OTHERS360
Grandtrek At30All sizes360
Grandtrek At30 TouringAll sizes360
Grandtrek Pt20All sizes360
Grandtrek Pt2AAll sizes360
Grandtrek Pt3AAll sizes360
Grandtrek Pt5AAll sizes360
Grandtrek St30215/60R17 96H360
Grandtrek St30All sizes OTHERS360
Grandtrek St30P245/65R17 105S360
Grandtrek St30 NrtAll sizes360
Grantrek At25All sizes H-SPEED RATED360
Grantrek At25All sizes T-SPEED RATED360
Sp Sport 2030All sizes OTHERS360
Sp Sport 2050225/50R17 94W360
Sp Sport 4000All sizes360
Sp Sport 4000T DsstAll sizes360
Sp Sport 4000T Dsst CttP225/60R17 98T360
Sp Sport 5000275/55R17 109V360
Sp Sport 5000MP215/45R18 89V360
Sp Sport Maxx 055All sizes360
Sp Sport Maxx A2 A/SAll sizes360
Enasave 01 A/S (H)205/55R16 91H340
Enasave 01 A/S (H)All sizes OTHERS340
Enasave 01 A/S (S)All sizes OTHERS340
Sp Sport 5000215/45R18 89W340
Sp Sport 5000225/40R18 88V340
Sp Sport 5000All sizes OTHERS340
Sp Sport 5000P245/50ZR17 98W340
Sp Sport 5000P255/55R18 104H340
Sp Sport 5000 DsstP225/50R17 93V340
Sp Sport 5000 Dsst CttAll sizes OTHERS340
Sp Sport 5000MAll sizes OTHERS340
Sp Sport 5000M Dsst CttP225/50RF17 93V340
Sp Sport 5000M Dsst CttP245/40RF18 93V340
Sp Sport 5100All sizes340
Sp Sport 7000 A/SAll sizes OTHERS340
Sp Sport Maxx A1 A/SAll sizes340
Sp Sport Maxx A1 A/S Dsst CttAll sizes340
Sport BluresponseAll sizes340
Dunlop Gt Qualifier13 -15320
Grandtrek St30225/55R19 99H320
Sp 20FeAll sizes320
Sp 31 (H)All sizes320
Sp 31 (S)All sizes320
Sp 31 A/SAll sizes320
Direzza Dz101All300
Grandtrek At20All H-SPEED RATED300
Grandtrek At20All sizes OTHERS300
Grandtrek At21All sizes300
Grandtrek St20All sizes OTHERS300
Grandtrek St20All sizes S-SPEED RATED300
Sp Sport 2030145/65R15 72S300
Sp Sport 2030175/55R15 77V300
Sp Sport 300All sizes300
Sp Sport 7000 A/SP205/50R17 88V300
Sp Sport Maxx 050225/60R18 100H300
Sp Sport Maxx Gt245/40R19 94W300
Sp Sport Maxx Gt275/35R19 96W300
Sport Maxx Rt2All sizes300
Grandtrek Touring AsP235/55R19 101V280
Grandtrek Touring AsP235/60R18 102V280
Sp Sport 01 (H)All sizes280
Sp Sport 01 (W & Y)All sizes280
Sp Sport 01 DsstAll sizes280
Sp Sport 01AAll sizes280
Sp Sport 01A DsstAll sizes280
Sp Sport 2030175/60R16 82H280
Sp Sport 5000M Dsst CttAll sizes OTHERS280
Sp Sport FastresponseAll sizes280
Sp Sport Max 050 DsstAll sizes V-SPEED RATED280
Sp Sport Maxx 050225/45R17 91W280
Sp Sport Maxx 050235/65R17 104H280
Sp Sport Maxx 050All sizes OTHERS280
Sp Sport Maxx 050 DsstAll sizes Y-SPEED RATED280
Sp Sport Maxx 050+All sizes OTHERS280
Sp Sport Maxx 060235/50R21 101W280
Sp Sport Maxx 060235/60R19 103V280
Sp Sport Maxx 060All sizes Others280
Sp Sport Maxx 101All sizes280
Sp Sport Maxx A1All sizes280
Sp Sport Maxx A1 Dsst CttAll sizes280
Veuro Ve304All sizes280
Sp Sport 5000 Dsst CttP245/40RF19 94V260
Sp Sport 5000 Dsst CttP255/40RF19 96V260
Sp Sport 5000M Dsst CttP245/40RF19 94V260
Sp Sport Max 050 DsstAll sizes W-SPEED RATED260
Sp Sport Maxx A1-A A/SAll sizes260
Enasave Ec300All sizes OTHERS240
Enasave Ec300All sizes S-SPEED RATED240
Enasave Ec300+185/65R15 88H240
Enasave Ec300+185/65R15 88S240
Enasave Ec300+215/60R17 96H240
Enasave Ec300+215/65R16 98S240
Enasave Ec300+All sizes OTHERS240
Enasave Ec330All sizes SIZES240
Enasave Ec350+195/65R15 91H240
Enasave Ec350+205/50R17 89V240
Enasave Ec350+All sizes OTHERS240
Enasave Ec350+(Pc580Sw)195/60R16 89H240
Grandtrek Pt30All sizes240
Sp Sport 2050All sizes OTHERS240
Sp Sport 7010 A/S DsstAll sizes240
Sp Sport Maxx225/45R17 90W240
Sp Sport MaxxAll sizes OTHERS240
Sp Sport Maxx 050215/55R18 95H240
Sp Sport Maxx 050+215/50R17 91V240
Sp Sport Maxx AAll sizes240
Sp Sport Maxx DsstAll sizes240
Sp Sport Maxx GtAll sizes OTHERS240
Sp Sport Maxx Gt DsstAll sizes240
Sp Sport Maxx TtAll sizes240
Sp Sport Maxx Tt DsstAll sizes240
Sport Maxx RtAll sizes240
Sport Maxx Rt RofAll sizes240
Sp 10All sizes220
Sp Sport 01 AsAll sizes220
Sp Sport 01 As DsstAll sizes220
Direzza Z??All200
Direzza Z?All200
Direzza ZiiAll200
Grandtrek St8000All sizes200
Grandtrek Touring AsAll sizes OTHERS200
Grandtrek Touring As DsstAll sizes200
Sp Sport 600All sizes200
Sp Sport 600 DsstAll sizes200
Sp Sport Maxx Gt600All sizes200
Sp Sport Maxx Gt600 Dsst Ctt285/35ZRF20 (100Y) [OTHERS]200
Sp Sport Maxx Gt600 Dsst CttAll sizes Others200
Sp Sport Maxx Gt600AAll sizes200
Sp Sport Maxx Gt600 Dsst Ctt285/35ZRF20 (100Y) [PC425H2H2]160
Sp Sport Maxx Gt600 Dsst Ctt285/35ZRF20 (100Y) [PC425R2U2]160
Sp Sport Maxx Gt600 Dsst Ctt285/35ZRF20 (104Y) [PC425D4D4]160
Sp Sport Maxx Gt600 Dsst Ctt285/35ZRF20 100Y160
Sport Maxx Race245/35ZR20 (91Y)80
Sport Maxx Race255/35ZR19 (96Y)80
Sport Maxx Race285/30ZR19 (98Y)80
Sport Maxx Race305/30ZR20 (103Y)80
Sport Maxx RaceAll sizes OTHERS80
Sport Maxx Race 2All sizes80

Falken Tread Wear Rating Chart:

The tread wear ratings for Falken tires range from 140 to 740.

Tire ModelTire SizeTread Wear
Pro G5 Csv (H Rating)All sizes740
Pro G5 Csv (V Rating)All sizes740
Sincera Sn250 A/S (H, V Rating)All sizes720
Sincera Sn250 A/S (T Rating)All sizes720
Sincera St80 A/S (H Rated)All sizes720
Sincera St80 A/S (T Rated)All sizes720
Sincera St80 A/S (V Rated)All sizes720
Sn211All sizes720
Wildpeak H/T Ht02All sizes700
Wildpeak H/T Ht02 (T Rating)All sizes700
Wildpeak A/T Trail (H And V Rating)All sizes680
Wildpeak A/T Trail (S Rating)All sizes680
Rubitrek A/T 01All sizes660
Wildpeak A/T At3W (T Rating)215/65R17 99T660
Wildpeak A/T At3W (T Rating)225/65R17 102T660
Wildpeak A/T At3W (T Rating)All other sizes660
Ziex Ze960 A/SAll sizes640
Azenis Pt722 (V Rated & Standard Load)All sizes600
Pro G4 A/S (H & V Rated)All sizes600
Pro G5 A/SAll sizes600
Pro G5 Touring A/SAll sizes600
Pro Touring A/SAll sizes600
Wildpeak A/T At3W (S Rating)All sizes600
Wildpeak H/T Ht01 (H)All sizes600
Wildpeak H/T Ht01 (T,S)All sizes600
Ze950 (H,V)All sizes600
Ziex Ct60 A/S (Pc086Ac)All sizes600
Azenis Pt722 (Standard Load)215/55R18 95V560
Azenis Pt722 (Standard Load)215/60R17 96V560
Azenis Pt722 (Standard Load)225/55R18 98V560
Azenis Pt722 (Standard Load)225/55R19 99V560
Azenis Pt722 (Standard Load)225/60R17 99V560
Ziex Ze960 A/S (W Rating)All sizes540
Azenis Fk450 A/SAll sizes except500
Euroall Season As210AAll sizes500
High Country All Terrain (H)All sizes500
High Country All Terrain (S/T)All sizes500
Pro G4 A/S (W Rated)All sizes500
Pro G5 Sport A/SAll sizes500
Rocky Mountain Ats "H"All sizes500
Rocky Mountain Ats "S & T"All sizes500
S/Tz04 (H Rated)265/65R17 112H500
S/Tz04 (H Rated)275/60R18 113H500
S/Tz04 (H Rated)275/65R17 115H500
S/Tz04 (H Rated)P235/60R16 99H500
S/Tz04 (H Rated)P275/60R20 114H500
S/Tz04 (H Rated)P275/70R16 114H500
S/Tz04 (S Rated)275/70R16 114S500
S/Tz04 (S Rated)All other sizes500
S/Tz04 (T Rated)All sizes500
Sincera Sn832I155/70R13 75T500
Sincera Sn832IAll sizes except500
Sn828All others500
Wildpeak A/T "H"All sizes500
Wildpeak A/T "S & T"All sizes500
Wildpeak A/T 01235/75R15 105S500
Wildpeak A/T 01245/70R16 107S500
Wildpeak A/T 01All others500
Wildpeak A/T At01215/70R16 100T500
Wildpeak A/T At01235/65R17 104T500
Wildpeak A/T At01235/70R16 106T500
Wildpeak A/T At01235/75R15 105S500
Wildpeak A/T At01245/65R17 107S500
Wildpeak A/T At01245/70R16 107S500
Wildpeak A/T At01275/65R17 115H500
Wildpeak A/T At01285/60R18 120H500
Wildpeak A/T At01All other sizes500
Wildpeak A/T At01All sizes except500
Wildpeak A/T At3W (T Rating)285/65R18 116T500
Wildpeak A/T At3Wa (H Rated)All other sizes500
Wildpeak A/T At3Wa (H Rating)265/60R20 112H500
Wildpeak A/T At3Wa (T Rated)All other sizes500
Wildpeak A/T At3Wa (T Rating)265/70R18 116T500
Wildpeak A/T01235/65R17 104T500
Wildpeak A/T01235/70R16 106T500
Wildpeak A/T01245/65R17 107S500
Wildpeak H/T Ht01A (S, T Rating)All sizes500
Ze950 (W)All sizes500
Xi427 "H-Rated"All sizes480
Ze32960/65 Series480
Ze91260/65 Series480
Ziex Ct50 A/S245/50R20 102V480
Ziex Ze61260/65 series480
S/Tz04 (H Rated)All other sizes460
Sn828145, 155, 165 Section460
Ziex Ct60A A/SAll sizes460
Ziex S/T Z05 (H & V Rated)All sizes460
Ziex S/T Z05 (S & T Rated)All sizes460
Azenis Pt722235/35R19 91W XL440
Azenis Pt722245/35R20 95W XL440
Azenis Pt722 (V Rated & Extra Load)All sizes440
Azenis Pt722 (W & Y Rated)All sizes440
Xi427 "V-Rated"All sizes440
Ze32940/45/50/55 Series440
Fk752All sizes420
S/Tz01 (Hr)All sizes420
Ze32670 Series420
Ze502175/60R13 77H420
Ze502185/60R13 80H420
Ze502185/65R15 88H420
Ze502195/60R15 88H420
Ze502195/65R14 89H420
Ze502215/60R16 95H420
Ze502225/60R15 96H420
Ze502225/60R16 98W420
Ze502P225/60R18 99H420
Ze51260/65 Series420
Ze705All sizes420
Azenis Fk450 A/S195/55RF16 87V400
Azenis Fk450 A/S225/45ZRF17 91W400
Azenis Fk450 A/S245/40ZRF19 98Y XL400
Digneo Dn-614All sizes400
Dn-614All sizes400
Radial A/PAll sizes400
Ziex Ze001A A/S (T Rating)All sizes380
Azenis St115All sizes360
Sn706All sizes360
Sn816All sizes360
Wildpeak A/T At3Wa285/45R22 114H360
Wildpeak A/T Trail 01AAll sizes360
Ze32660/65 Series360
Ze502165/60R13 73H360
Ze502205/60R13 87H360
Ze51235/40/45/50/55 Series360
Ze91235/40/45/50/55 Series360
Ziex Ze001 A/S (H,W Rated)H, W range360
Ziex Ze001 A/S (H,W Rating)245/50R20 102H360
Ziex Ze001 A/S (H,W Rating)All other sizes360
Ziex Ze001A A/S (H Rating)All other sizes360
Ziex Ze001A A/S (H Rating)P235/60R18 102H360
Ziex Ze001A A/S (V Rating)All sizes360
Ziex Ze61245/50/55 series360
Ze502195/50R15 82H340
Ze502205/40R16 83H340
Ze502205/50R15 86H340
Ze502235/55R17 99H340
Ze502P245/50R16 96H340
Azenis Fk453Cc215/65R17 99V320
Sincera Sn250 A/S AAll sizes320
Sincera Sn250A A/S (H Rating)All sizes320
Sincera Sn250A A/S165/65R14 79S320
Sincera Sn250A A/SAll other sizes320
Sincera Sn250A A/S (S And T Rating)All sizes320
Sincera Sn832A (H Rating)185/65R15 88H,320
Sincera Sn832A (H Rating)185/70R14 88H320
Sincera Sn832A (H Rating) W/Code Pc832Ggr185/70R14 88H320
Sn831165/70R14 81S320
Ze914215/55R17 94W320
Ze914All sizes except320
Ziex Ze310 R EcorunAll sizes320
Ziex Ze310A Ecorun235/50R19 99V320
Ziex Ze310A EcorunAll sizes320
Ziex Ze914AAll sizes except320
Azenis Fk453All sizes Except300
Azenis Fk453CcAll sizes except300
Azenis Fk510All sizes300
Azenis Fk510 SuvAll sizes300
Azenis Fk510A205/55R17 95W300
Azenis Fk510A215/45R18 93W300
Azenis Fk510A215/55R17 94V300
Azenis Fk510AAll other sizes300
Azenis Fk510A (Pc991G2F2)205/55R17 95W300
Azenis Fk510A SuvAll other sizes300
Fk452All sizes300
S/Tz01 (Wr)All sizes300
Sn807All sizes300
Ze322All sizes300
Ze32630/35/50/55 Series300
Ze502195/55R15 84V300
Ze502205/40ZR17 80W300
Ze502205/45ZR17 84W300
Ze502205/50ZR17 93W300
Ze502205/55R15 87V300
Ze502205/55R16 89V300
Ze502215/45ZR17 87W300
Ze502215/50R17 91V300
Ze502215/55R17 94V300
Ze502215/55ZR16 93V300
Ze502215/55ZR17 94V300
Ze502225/40ZR18 92W300
Ze502225/45ZR17 94W300
Ze502225/45ZR17 94W RF300
Ze502225/50R17 94V300
Ze502225/55R16 94V300
Ze502225/55R17 97V300
Ze502225/55ZR16 94V300
Ze502235/45ZR17 93W300
Ze502235/55ZR16 96V300
Ze502245/40ZR18 97W300
Ze502245/40ZR18 97W RF300
Ze502245/45ZR17 95W300
Ze502245/45ZR18 100W300
Ze502P235/55R18 99V300
Ze522All sizes300
Ziex Ct50 A/S255/50R20 105V300
Ziex Ct50 A/SP255/50R20 104V300
Ziex Ze914A205/60R16 96V XL300
Ziex Ze914A215/65R17 99V300
Ziex Ze914A W/Code Pc123M2P2215/65R17 99V300
Fk451All sizes280
Azenis Fk453215/45R17 91W XL240
Azenis Fk453Cc215/50R18 92W240
Azenis Fk453Cc225/50R18 95W240
Azenis Fk453Cc235/55R19 101V240
Azenis Fk510A Suv235/60R19 107H240
Azenis Fk510A Suv235/65R18 110H240
Azenis Fk510A Suv255/55R19 111H240
Azenis Fk510A Suv255/60R18 112H240
Fk07UAll sizes240
Sincera Sn832A (S, T Rating)All sizes240
Ze914A EcorunAll sizes240
Azenis Rt215All sizes200
Azenis Rt615All sizes200
Azenis Rt615K+All sizes200
Fk07JAll sizes140

Firestone Tread Wear Rating Chart:

The tread wear ratings for Firestone tires range from 200 to 700.

Tire ModelTire SizeTread Wear
Transforce Le3All Sizes700
Champion Fuel Fighter (H-V Rated)All sizes600
Champion Fuel Fighter (T Rated)All sizes600
Affinity Lh30All sizes560
Affinity TouringAll sizes560
Firestone All SeasonAll Sizes560
Fr710All Size Except560
Fr710P185/60R15 84H560
Ft140All sizes, Except560
Precision TouringAll sizes560
Destination A/T 2All sizes540
F-700175/70R14 88T540
Destination H/TAll sizes520
Destination Le 2245/60R18 (OE)520
Destination Le 2All sizes520
Affinity HpAll sizes500
Affinity Touring S2All sizes500
Affinity Touring S4All sizes500
Affinity Touring S4 Ff (H-Speed)P195/65R15500
Affinity Touring S4 Ff (H-Speed)P195/65R16500
Affinity Touring S4 Ff (H-Speed)P205/65R16500
Affinity Touring S4 Ff (S-Speed)P205/65R16500
Affinity Touring T2All sizes500
Affinity Touring T4All sizes500
Firehawk As V2All sizes500
Firehawk Indy 500All sizes500
Firehawk LhP215/60R16500
Firehawk LhP235/50R17500
Firehawk Ss20All sizes500
Fr710P185/65R15 86H500
Multihawk175/65R14 82T500
Transforce CvAll Sizes500
Destination LeAll sizes480
Wilderness LeAll sizes480
Destination A/T215/80R16 107S XL460
Destination A/TAll sizes except460
Firehawk Gt HAll sizes460
Firehawk Gt VAll sizes460
Firehawk Lh215/60R16460
Firehawk Sh30All sizes460
Firehawk Wide Oval AsAll Sizes, Speed V&H except460
F-590All sizes440
Fr680-02All Size Except440
Fr690All sizes440
Fr71013" Sizes440
MultihawkAll sizes, Except440
Affinity H/TAll sizes400
Champion HrAll sizes400
Destination Mt 23All sizes400
Firehawk Gt ZAll sizes400
Firehawk LhAll sizes except400
Firehawk Wide Oval AsAll Sizes, Speed W400
Fr380All sizes400
F-700185/70R14 88T380
F-570All sizes340
Fh Wide Oval Indy 500245/40R20 99W XL340
Fh Wide Oval Indy 500245/45R20 103W XL340
Fh Wide Oval Indy 500255/40R19 100W XL340
Fh Wide Oval Indy 500265/40R19 98W340
Fh Wide Oval Indy 500275/35/R20 102W XL340
Fh Wide Oval Indy 500275/40R18 99W340
Fh Wide Oval Indy 500275/40R19 101W340
Fh Wide Oval Indy 500275/40R20 106W XL340
Fh Wide Oval Indy 500285/35R19 99W340
Fh Wide Oval Indy 500285/35RR20 100W340
Fh Wide Oval Indy 500P245/50R19 104W XL340
Firehawk Gt H PursuitP265/60R17340
Firehawk Gt V PursuitAll sizes except340
Firehawk Gt V PursuitP265/60R17340
Firehawk Gt Z PursuitAll sizes340
Firehawk Pv41All sizes340
Firehawk Sz50 Ep RftAll sizes340
Firehawk Wide OvalAll sizes320
Firehawk GtaAll sizes except300
Firehawk Gta-02All sizes except300
Firehawk Gta-02P195/60R15300
Firehawk Gta-02P205/60R15300
Firehawk Gta-03All sizes300
Firehawk GtaP275/60R17 H240
Firehawk Sz50All sizes220
F-600All sizes200
F-700All Sizes except200
Destination AtxAll Sizes460

General Tread Wear Rating Chart:

The tread wear ratings for General tires range from 320 to 700.

Tire ModelTire SizeTread Wear
Altimax Rt43H & V speed rated, 16 inch rim & below700
Altimax Rt43T speed rated, 16 inch rim & below700
Grabber Hts60S & T speed rated680
Grabber Hts60H speed rated660
Grabber A/TxAll sizes640
Grabber At2All P-metric640
Grabber HtsAll P-metric640
Altimax Rt> 195600
Altimax Rt43H & V speed rated, 15 inch rim & below600
Altimax Rt43T speed rated, 15 inch rim & below600
Grabber At3275/45R20 110 H560
Ameri*Gs60All sizes520
Grabber AptAll sizes520
Ameritrac TrAll P-metric500
G-Max As-05Load Index <= 103500
G-Max As-05Load Index >= 104500
Grabber TrAll sizes500
Grabber X3All sizes500
Altimax HpAll sizes440
Altimax Rt< 185440
G-Max JusticeAll sizes440
AmeritracAll P-metric420
Grabber AwAll sizes except420
Exclaim UhpAll sizes380
G-Max RsAll sizes360
Grabber Uhp> 55 series360
Grabber Uhp< 50 series320

Goodyear Tread Wear Rating Chart:

The tread wear ratings for Goodyear tires range from 100 to 820.

Tire ModelTire SizeTread Wear
Assurance MaxlifeAll sizes820
Assurance OutlastAll sizes800
Wrangler Steadfast HtAll sizes800
Assurance Comfortred Touring (T&H)All sizes740
Assurance Cs TripletredAll sizes740
Assurance Tripletred (H)All sizes740
Assurance Tripletred (T)All sizes740
Assurance ComfortdriveAll sizes700
Assurance ComfortredAll sizes700
Assurance WeatherreadyAll sizes700
Wrangler Fortitude HtAll sizes680
Wrangler Territory HtAll others680
Assurance Comfortred Touring (V)All sizes640
Assurance Tripletred (V)All sizes640
Wrangler All Terrain AdventureAll sizes640
Assurance Authority (T)All sizes620
Assurance Fuel Max (T)All sizes620
Assurance Touring (T)All sizes620
Assurance UltratourAll sizes620
Viva Authority (T)All sizes620
Viva Authority Fuel Max (T)All sizes620
Weatherhandler Fuelmax (T)All sizes620
Assurance All SeasonAll sizes600
Assurance Cs Fuel MaxAll sizes600
Reliant All SeasonAll sizes600
Assurance Authority (H&V)All sizes580
Assurance Fuel Max (H/V)All sizes580
Assurance Touring (H)All sizes580
Viva Authority (H)All sizes580
Viva Authority Fuel Max (H)All sizes580
Weatherhandler Fuelmax (H)All sizes580
Wrangler Territory AtAll others580
Wrangler Trailrunner AtAll sizes580
Wrangler At/S255/65R18 111T580
Wrangler At/S255/70R17 112T580
Wrangler Territory At255/70R17 112T580
Wrangler Territory At275/65R18580
Wrangler Workhorse AtAll sizes580
Eagle Sport A/SAll others560
Eagle Sport A/S RofAll others560
Eagle Touring255/45R20 101H560
Wrangler TrailmarkAll sizes560
Assurance FinesseAll sizes540
Assurance Fuel Max (S)All sizes540
Fortera HlAll sizes540
Wrangler ArmortracAll sizes520
Wrangler Silent Armor (P)All sizes520
Eagle Enforcer AllweatherAll sizes500
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5All sizes500
Eagle TouringAll others500
Fortera SlAll sizes500
Viva 3All sizes500
Wrangler SraAll sizes500
Eagle ExhilarateAll sizes500
Eagle F1 Asymmetric All SeasonAll sizes500
Electricdrive GtAll sizes500
Fortera Sl285/45R22 114H500
Wrangler DuratracAll sizes500
Wrangler Ultraterrain AtAll sizes500
Tracker 2All sizes480
IntegrityAll others460
IntegrityP225/60R16 97T460
Integrity235/60R16 99S460
Eagle Authority (V)All sizes440
Eagle Gt (V)All sizes440
Eagle Rs-A2All sizes440
Viva 2All sizes440
Wrangler Hp All WeatherAll sizes440
Eagle EnforcerAll sizes420
Eagle Gt Ii (H/V)All sizes420
Eagle Ls-2 (H/V)All others400
Eagle Ls-2 (S/T)All others400
Eagle Ls-2 RofAll sizes400
Eagle Sport A/S255/40R19 100H400
Eagle Sport A/S Rof225/50R18 95V400
Eagle Sport A/S Rof245/40R19 98H400
Eagle Sport A/S Rof245/45R18 100V400
Eagle Touring225/55R19 103H400
Eagle Touring225/60R18 104H400
Eagle Touring235/60R20 108H400
Eagle Touring255/50R21 109H400
Eagle Touring265/35R21 101H400
Eagle Authority (W)All sizes400
Eagle Gt (W)All sizes400
Wrangler Territory At225/55R17 101H400
Wrangler Territory At235/55R17 103H400
Wrangler Territory Ht225/55R17 101H400
Wrangler Territory Ht235/55R17 103H400
Eagle LsP235/65R18 104T360
Eagle Ls (H/V)All sizes360
Eagle Ls (S/T)All sizes360
Eagle Ls-2P275/55R20 111S360
Wrangler At/SAll others360
Eagle Touring305/30R21 105H350
Eagle Rs-A PlusAll sizes340
Efficient GripAll sizes340
Efficient Grip PerformanceAll sizes340
Wrangler HpAll sizes340
Wrangler Rt/SAll sizes340
Wrangler StP215/75R16340
Wrangler StAll others340
Efficientgrip CompactAll sizes320
Wrangler Duratrac255/55R19320
Efficient Grip Performance 2All sizes300
Wrangler RadialAll sizes300
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2All sizes OTHERS300
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3All sizes300
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 SuvAll sizes OTHERS300
Eagle F1 Gs-2 EmtAll sizes300
Eagle F1 Gs D3All sizes280
Eagle F1 Supersport255/40ZR20 101Y280
Eagle Rs-AAll sizes260
Eagle Rs-A EmtAll sizes260
Eagle F1 Supersport295/35ZR20 105Y260
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 Suv235/55R19 105W240
Eagle F1 Supersport235/35R19 91Y240
Eagle Nct 5All sizes240
ExcellenceAll sizes240
Eagle F1 AsymmetricAll sizes240
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2235/35ZR20 (88Y)240
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2235/40R18 95Y240
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2235/40ZR19 92Y240
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2235/45ZR18 94Y240
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2265/40ZR19 98Y240
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2265/45ZR18 101Y240
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2285/35ZR19 103Y240
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2295/35ZR19 100Y240
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 RofAll sizes240
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 SuvAll sizes240
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 RofP245/35ZR19 89Y240
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 RofP245/40ZR18 93Y240
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 RofP285/35ZR19 99Y240
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 RofP285/35ZR20 95Y240
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 Suv245/45R21 104Y240
Eagle F1 SupercarAll sizes220
Eagle F1 Supercar 3All sizes220
Eagle F1 Supercar 3RAll sizes100

Hankook Tread Wear Rating Chart:

The tread wear ratings for Hankook tires range from 80 to 820.

Tire ModelTire SizeTread Wear
Dynapro Hp2 (Oe)215/60R17V820
Dynapro Hl3235/60R18H780
Dynapro HtAll sizes except700
Dynapro Ht (Oe)265/60R18700
Dynapro Hl3All Size680
Dynapro A/T2265/70R17T660
Dynapro A/T2All size660
Dynapro At2225/60R17H660
Dynapro Hp2All sizes except640
Dynapro Hp2 (Oe)245/70R16H640
Dynapro Ht265/60R18600
Dynapro At M (Oe)275/55R20560
Dynapro At-MAll sizes560
Dynapro Hp2 (Oe)275/50R20H XL560
Dynapro Hp2 (Oe)285/45R21H XL560
Dynapro Hp2215/65R17V540
Dynapro Hp2225/55R18H540
Dynapro Hp2235/50R19H540
Dynapro Hp2235/55R18H540
Dynapro Hp2255/50R20H XL540
Dynapro Hp2255/65R17H540
Dynapro Hp2265/45R21H XL540
Dynapro Hp2 (Oe)225/65R17H540
Dynapro Hp2 (Oe)235/55R19540
Dynapro Hp2 (Oe)235/60R18540
Dynapro Hp2 (Oe)235/65R17540
Dynapro Hp2 (Oe)255/50R20H540
Dynapro Hp2 (Oe)255/60R18H540
Dynapro Hp2 Plus (Oe)295/45R20V XL520
Dynapro At-M (Oe)265/60R18T500
Dynapro Hl (Ra25)All sizes500
Dynapro Hp225/60R17500
Dynapro HpOther Sizes500
Dynapro Hp2215/50R18H500
Dynapro Ht (Oe)255/70R16T500
Dynapro Ht (Oe)265/65R17T500
Dynapro Ht (Oe)P245/75R16500
Dynapro Hp2235/55R19V480
Dynapro Hp2235/60R18V480
Enfren Eco195/65R15480
Enfren Eco205/65R16480
Enfren Eco215/55R17480
Dynapro AtAll sizes460
Dynapro AtP235/75R17460
Dynapro At-A (Rf09)All sizes460
Dynapro Hp2255/50R20H460
Dynapro Hp2255/60R18H460
Dynapro Hp2 (Oe)225/60R17H460
Dynamic SuvAll sizes440
Dynapro A/T2 (Oe)275/55R20T440
Dynapro As225/65R17440
Dynapro AsOther Sizes440
Dynapro AsP235/65R17440
Dynapro AsP235/70R17440
Dynapro At2275/60R20440
Dynapro Hp2215/70R17440
Dynapro Hp2235/60R18H440
Dynapro Hp2 (Oe)235/55R19V440
Enfren EcoAll sizes except440
Dynapro Hp2225/55R19V420
H420 (55/60/65 Series)All sizes420
H420 (70/80 Series)All sizes420
818All sizes400
858All sizes400
Centum K708155/65R14400
Definity Hx700All sizes400
Dynamic 4X4All sizes400
Dynapro DtAll sizes400
EnfrenAll sizes400
Enfren EcoAll sizes400
Ergy Eco (Oe)175/65R15V400
82814", 15"380
H717All sizes380
Centum K702155/80R13360
Centum K702175/70R13360
Centum K702All sizes360
Definity Vx700All sizes360
Dynapro Hp2 (Oe)225/55R18H XL360
Evolution(K112)-Comfort Auto14 - 15 Inch360
Hankook Ventus Plus 4 - V Rated15 & 16340
866All sizes340
Black Bird VAll sizes340
Dynapro Hp2 (Oe)225/55R19V340
H406Other Sizes340
H406AAll sizes340
H406BAll sizes340
H704All sizes340
E203All sizes320
884All sizes300
Evolution (K112) - Comfort Auto16 - 18 inch280
767All sizes260
882All sizes260
Hankook Ventus Plus 4 - Z Rated15 -17220
Black Fighter 3000185/60R14 82V80
Black Fighter 3000205/50ZR1580

Michelin Tread Wear Rating Chart:

The tread wear ratings for Michelin tires range from 140 to 820.

Tire ModelTire SizeTread Wear
Defender T + HAll sizes820
X Tour A/S T + HAll sizes820
Defender Ltx M/SAll except H rated800
X Lt A/SAll except H rated800
Defender Ltx M/SH rated720
Latitude TourP225/65R17 100T720
Latitude TourP265/60R18 109T720
Ltx M/S2All720
X Lt A/SH rated720
Premier A/SAll640
Latitude Tour235/65R18 106T620
Latitude TourP235/55R18 99T620
Premier LtxAll except620
Primacy Mxv4P205/55R16 89H620
Premier Ltx235/55R20 102V620
Premier Ltx235/65R18 106V620
Premier Ltx265/60R18 110T620
Cross Climate +All600
Latitude Tour245/60R18 105T600
Latitude TourP255/60R19 108S600
Cross Climate SuvAll sizes580
Primacy A/SAll except540
Primacy Ltx245/50R20 102V540
Primacy Tour A/SAll except540
Pilot Sport All Season 4All sizes540
Primacy A/S195/65R15 91T540
Primacy A/S225/60R18 100H540
Primacy A/S225/65R17 102H540
Primacy A/S235/50R20 100V540
Primacy A/S255/40R19 96W540
Primacy Ltx245/70R17 110T540
Primacy Ltx265/60R18 110H540
Energy Lx4235-710R460A 104T500
Energy Lx4245/60R17/RF 108T500
Ltx A/T2265/65R17 112S500
Ltx A/T2All except500
Primacy Mxm4All except500
Primacy Mxv4All except500
Pilot Sport A/S 3All sizes500
Pilot Sport A/S 3+All sizes500
Primacy Mxm4215/55R16/XL 97H500
Primacy Mxm4225/45R17 91H500
Primacy Mxm4225/45R17 91W500
Primacy Mxm4225/45R18 91V500
Primacy Mxm4225/55R17 97V500
Primacy Mxm4235/40R19 92V500
Primacy Mxm4235/40R19/XL 96V500
Primacy Mxm4235/45R18 94V500
Primacy Mxm4235/55R18 100V500
Primacy Mxm4235/55R18/XL 104V500
Primacy Mxm4245/40R19 94V500
Primacy Mxm4245/40R19/XL 98W500
Primacy Mxm4245/45R18 96V500
Primacy Mxm4245/45R18/XL 100W500
Primacy Mxm4245/45R19 98W500
Primacy Mxm4245/45R20 99V500
Primacy Mxm4275/40ZR19 101W500
Primacy Mxm4P215/45R17 87V500
Primacy Mxm4P215/50R17/XL 93V500
Primacy Mxm4P245/50R18 99V500
Primacy Tour A/S245/45R19/XL 102W500
Primacy Tour A/S275/40R19/XL 105W500
Primacy Mxm4225/60R18/XL 104H500
Energy Saver A/S225/50R17 94V480
Energy Saver A/S235/50R17 96H480
Energy Saver A/SAll except480
Energy Saver A/SP205/60R16 91V480
Energy Saver A/SP215/50R17 90V480
Energy Saver A/SP225/50R17 93V480
Energy Saver A/SP235/50R18 97V480
Primacy Ltx265/65R18 114T480
Primacy Xc265/60R18 110H480
Primacy Xc275/65R18 116T480
Primacy Xc - Dt275/65R18 116T480
Energy Saver A/S205/55R16 91H480
Energy Saver A/S205/60R16 92H480
Energy Saver A/S215/55R16 93V480
Energy Saver A/S215/55R17 94V480
Energy Saver A/S235/45R18 94V480
Energy Saver A/SP215/50R17 91H480
Energy Mxv4 S8All sizes440
Latitude Tour HpAll except440
Pilot Sport A/S PlusAll sizes440
Ltx A/SAll sizes420
Primacy Mxm4225/40R19/XL 93V420
Primacy Mxm4225/50R17 94H420
Primacy Mxm4225/50R17 94V420
Primacy Mxm4245/45R19/XL 102H420
Primacy Mxm4275/40R19 101H420
Energy SaverAll sizes400
Latitude Tour Hp255/50R19/XL 107H400
Latitude Tour Hp255/55R18/XL 109H400
Primacy 4All340
Latitude CrossAll320
Pilot Sport 4205/50ZR17 (89W)320
Pilot Sport 4 - Zp205/50ZR17 89W320
Pilot Sport 4 - Zp225/45R18/XL 95Y320
Pilot Sport 4 - Zp225/45ZR17 91W320
Pilot Sport 4 - Zp225/45ZR17 91Y320
Pilot Sport 4 - Zp225/45ZR19/XL 96W320
Pilot Sport 4 - Zp245/40R19/XL 98Y320
Pilot Sport 4 - Zp245/40ZR20/XL 99Y320
Pilot Sport 4 - Zp245/45R18/XL 100Y320
Pilot Sport 4 - Zp245/45RF20 99Y320
Pilot Sport 4 - Zp255/40R18/XL 99Y320
Pilot Sport 4 - Zp255/40ZR20/XL 101Y320
Pilot Sport 4 - Zp275/35R19/XL 100Y320
Pilot Sport 4 - Zp275/35ZR20/XL 102Y320
Pilot Sport 4 - Zp275/40R18/XL 103Y320
Pilot Sport 4 - Zp275/40RF20 102Y320
Pilot Sport 3All320
Pilot Sport 4All except320
Pilot Mxm4All300
Pilot Sport 4265/45ZR19/XL (105Y)300
Pilot Sport 4275/35ZR21/XL (103Y)300
Pilot Sport 4275/40ZR20/XL (106Y)300
Pilot Sport 4295/40ZR19/XL (108Y)300
Pilot Sport 4315/30ZR21/XL (105Y)300
Pilot Sport 4315/35ZR20/XL (110Y)300
Pilot Sport 4325/30ZR21/XL (108Y)300
Pilot Sport 4 SAll300
Pilot Sport 4 Suv275/45ZR21/XL 110Y300
Pilot Sport 4 Suv315/40ZR21/XL 115Y300
Pilot Super SportAll300
Pilot Exalto Pe2All240
Primacy 3All240
Primacy HpAll240
Pilot Sport Cup 2 (240)All240
Latitude Sport 3235/50R19 99W220
Latitude Sport 3235/55R18 100W220
Latitude Sport 3235/60R18 103V220
Latitude Sport 3245/65R17/XL 111H220
Latitude Sport 3255/45R20 101W220
Latitude Sport 3255/45R20/XL 105Y220
Latitude Sport 3255/55ZR19/XL (111Y)220
Latitude Sport 3275/45R20/XL 110Y220
Latitude Sport 3275/45R21 107Y220
Latitude Sport 3275/50R20/XL 113W220
Latitude Sport 3275/50ZR19/XL (112Y)220
Latitude Sport 3285/40ZR20/XL 108Y220
Latitude Sport 3315/40R21 111Y220
Pilot Sport 4 SuvAll except220
4X4 DiamarisAll220
Latitude SportAll220
Latitude Sport 3All except220
Pilot Sport Ps2All220
Pilot Sport Cup 2All180
Pilot Sport Cup 2 RAll140

Pirelli Tread Wear Rating Chart:

The tread wear ratings for Pirelli tires range from 60 to 760.

Tire ModelTire SizeTread Wear
P4 Four SeasonsT Speed Rated760
Scorpion Verde All Season PlusAll sizes740
Cinturato P7 All Season PlusAll sizes700
P4 Four SeasonsH Speed Rated620
Scorpion Verde All SeasonAll except600
Scorpion AtrAll except520
Scorpion StrH Speed Rated520
Scorpion StrP225/75R16 104T520
Scorpion StrS & T Speed Rated520
Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico235/50R18 97H520
Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico235/60R18 103H520
Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico235/65R17 104H520
Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico275/45R20 110H520
Scorpion Verde All Season255/50R19 107H XL r-f520
Scorpion Verde All Season255/55R18 109H XL r-f520
Scorpion Verde All Season265/45R20 108H XL520
Scorpion Verde All Season265/50R19 110V XL520
Scorpion Verde All Season275/45R20 110V XL520
Scorpion Verde All Season275/45R21 110W XL520
Scorpion Verde All Season275/45R21 110Y XL520
Scorpion Verde All Season295/45ZR20 110W r-f520
Cinturato P7205/45R17 88W XL r-f500
Cinturato P7 All SeasonAll sizes500
P6 Four Seasons PlusAll sizes500
Scorpion Zero275/55R19 111H460
Scorpion Zero275/55R19 111V460
Scorpion Atr205/70R15 96T440
Cinturato P1 PlusAll sizes420
Cinturato P1All sizes420
Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico275 WIDTH & BELOW420
Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico285 WIDTH & ABOVE420
Euphori@All sizes400
P Zero Nero All SeasonAll except400
P Zero Nero All SeasonP225/55ZR17 97W400
P Zero Nero All SeasonP245/50ZR19 104W XL400
P6 Four SeasonsAll sizes400
Pzero Nero M&SAll sizes400
Scorpion Str235/50R18 97H400
Scorpion Str235/55R17 99H400
Scorpion StrV Speed Rated400
Scorpion VerdeAll sizes400
Scorpion ZeroAll except400
P Zero255/40R21 102Y XL300
P Zero265/50R19 110Y XL300
P Zero275/40R22 108Y XL300
P Zero295/35R21 107Y300
P Zero Rosso255/50R19 103W300
P Zero Rosso255/55ZR18 109Y XL300
P Zero Rosso265/45ZR20 104Y300
P Zero Rosso275/40ZR20 106Y XL300
P Zero Rosso275/45ZR19 108Y XL300
P Zero Rosso275/45ZR20 110Y XL300
P Zero Rosso295/35ZR21 107Y XL300
P Zero Rosso295/40ZR20 110Y XL300
Scorpion Zero AsimmetricoP255/55R18 109H300
Scorpion Zero285/55R18 113V300
Scorpion Zero295/40R21 111V300
P Zero Nero GtAll sizes280
Cinturato P7All except260
Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico245/45R20 99W260
P Zero Rosso315/35ZR20 106Y240
P ZeroAll except220
P Zero Asimmetrico215/50ZR17 91Y220
P Zero Asimmetrico225/45ZR17 91Y220
P Zero Asimmetrico245/50ZR17 99Y220
P Zero Asimmetrico255/35ZR19 96Y220
P Zero Asimmetrico255/40ZR19 96Y220
P Zero Asimmetrico255/50ZR18 102Y220
P Zero NeroAll sizes220
P Zero RossoAll except220
P Zero Rosso DirectionalAll except220
P Zero SilverAll sizes220
P600All sizes180
P6000All sizes180
P6000 PowergyAll sizes180
P Zero245/35ZR21 96Y XL160
P Zero285/30ZR21 (100Y) XL160
P Zero295/35ZR20 (105Y) XL160
P Zero295/35ZR21 107Y XL160
P Zero315/35ZR20 (106Y)160
P Zero335/30ZR20 (104Y)160
P Zero Rosso245/35ZR18 88Y160
P Zero Rosso245/40ZR19 (98Y) XL160
P Zero Rosso285/40ZR19 (103Y)160
P Zero Rosso295/35ZR18 99Y160
P Zero Rosso335/30ZR18 102Y160
P Zero Rosso Directional255/35ZR19 (92Y)160
P Zero Rosso Directional255/40ZR18 95Y160
P Zero AsimmetricoAll except140
P Zero DirectionalAll sizes140
P Zero355/25ZR21 (107Y) XL120
P Zero Corsa System AsimmetricoAll sizes60
P Zero Corsa System Asimmetrico 2All sizes60
P Zero Corsa System DirectionalAll sizes60

Yokohama Tread Wear Rating Chart:

The tread wear ratings for Yokohama tires range from 60 to 700.

Tire ModelTire SizeTread Wear
Avid Trz235/65R16 103T700
Avid TrzP185/60R14 82T700
Avid TrzP185/60R15 84T700
Avid TrzP185/65R14 85T700
Avid TrzP185/65R15 86T700
Avid TrzP195/60R15 87T700
Avid TrzP195/65R15 89T700
Avid TrzP195/70R14 90T700
Avid TrzP205/55R16 89T700
Avid TrzP205/60R15 90T700
Avid TrzP205/60R16 91T700
Avid TrzP205/65R15 92T700
Avid TrzP205/65R16 94T700
Avid TrzP205/70R15 95T700
Avid TrzP215/55R16 91T700
Avid TrzP215/55R18 94T700
Avid TrzP215/60R15 93T700
Avid TrzP215/60R16 94T700
Avid TrzP215/60R17 95T700
Avid TrzP215/65R15 95T700
Avid TrzP215/65R16 98T700
Avid TrzP215/65R17 98T700
Avid TrzP215/70R15 98T700
Avid TrzP225/50R18 94T700
Avid TrzP225/55R16 94T700
Avid TrzP225/55R17 95T700
Avid TrzP225/55R18 97T700
Avid TrzP225/60R16 98T700
Avid TrzP225/60R17 98T700
Avid TrzP225/65R16 99H700
Avid TrzP225/70R16 101T700
Avid TrzP235/60R16 99T700
Avid TouringP175/65R14 81S620
Avid TouringP175/70R13 82S620
Avid TouringP185/65R14 85S620
Avid TouringP185/70R13 85S620
Avid TouringP185/70R14 87S620
Avid TouringP185/75R14 89S620
Avid TouringP195/60R15 87S620
Avid TouringP195/70R14 90S620
Avid TouringP195/75R14 92S620
Avid TouringP205/60R15 90S620
Avid TouringP205/65R15 92S620
Avid TouringP205/70R14 93S620
Avid TouringP205/70R15 95S620
Avid TouringP205/75R14 95S620
Avid TouringP205/75R15 97S620
Avid TouringP215/60R16 94S620
Avid TouringP215/65R15 95S620
Avid TouringP215/70R14 96S620
Avid TouringP215/70R15 97S620
Avid TouringP225/60R16 97S620
Avid TouringP235/70R15 102S620
Avid TouringP235/75R15 105S620
Avid H4S/V4S225/50R17 94V500
Avid H4S/V4S225/60R16 98H500
Avid H4S/V4S225/65R17 102H500
Avid H4S/V4S235/45R17 97H500
Avid H4S/V4S235/55R17 99H500
Avid H4S/V4S235/65R17 104H500
Avid H4S/V4S255/40R17 94H500
Avid H4S/V4S255/45R20 101H500
Avid H4S/V4S265/60R18 110V500
Avid H4S/V4SP185/60R14 82H500
Avid H4S/V4SP185/65R14 85H500
Avid H4S/V4SP185/65R15 86H500
Avid H4S/V4SP195/60R14 85H500
Avid H4S/V4SP195/60R15 87H500
Avid H4S/V4SP195/65R14 88H500
Avid H4S/V4SP195/65R15 89H500
Avid H4S/V4SP205/55R15 87V500
Avid H4S/V4SP205/55R16 89V500
Avid H4S/V4SP205/60R15 90H500
Avid H4S/V4SP205/60R16 91H500
Avid H4S/V4SP205/60R16 91V500
Avid H4S/V4SP205/65R15 92H500
Avid H4S/V4SP215/50R17 93V500
Avid H4S/V4SP215/55R16 91V500
Avid H4S/V4SP215/55R17 93V500
Avid H4S/V4SP215/60R15 93H500
Avid H4S/V4SP215/60R16 94H500
Avid H4S/V4SP215/60R16 94V500
Avid H4S/V4SP215/65R15 95H500
Avid H4S/V4SP225/50R16 91V500
Avid H4S/V4SP225/55R16 94V500
Avid H4S/V4SP225/55R17 95H500
Avid H4S/V4SP225/60R16 97V500
Avid H4S/V4SP225/60R18 99H500
Avid H4S/V4SP235/55R18 99V500
Avid H4S/V4SP235/60R16 99V500
Avid H4S/V4SP235/65R18 104H500
Avid H4S/V4SP245/45R17 95H500
Avid H4S/V4SP245/50R16 96V500
Avid H4S/V4SP255/50R16 99V500
Avid H4S/V4S205/40R16 83H500
Avid H4S/V4S205/40R17 84H500
Avid H4S/V4S205/45R16 87H500
Avid H4S/V4S215/40R17 87H500
Avid H4S/V4S215/45R17 91H500
Avid H4S/V4S225/40R18 92H500
Avid H4S/V4S225/45R17 91H500
Geolandar A/T-S205/70R15 96S500
Geolandar A/T-S215/60R16 95H500
Geolandar A/T-S215/65R16 98H500
Geolandar A/T-S215/70R15 98S500
Geolandar A/T-S215/70R16 100S500
Geolandar A/T-S225/60R17 99H500
Geolandar A/T-S225/65R17 102H500
Geolandar A/T-S225/70R16 102H500
Geolandar A/T-S225/70R17 108T500
Geolandar A/T-S235/60R16 100H500
Geolandar A/T-S235/65R17 108H500
Geolandar A/T-S245/65R17 107H500
Geolandar A/T-S255/65R16 109H500
Geolandar A/T-S255/65R17 110H500
Geolandar A/T-S265/60R18 110H500
Geolandar A/T-S265/65R17 112H500
Geolandar A/T-S265/70R15 112S500
Geolandar A/T-S275/60R18 112H500
Geolandar A/T-S275/65R17 115H500
Geolandar A/T-S275/70R16 114S500
Geolandar A/T-S305/45R20 112H500
Geolandar A/T-SP225/70R15 100S500
Geolandar A/T-SP235/70R15 102S500
Geolandar A/T-SP235/70R16 107S500
Geolandar A/T-SP235/70R17 108S500
Geolandar A/T-SP235/75R15 108S500
Geolandar A/T-SP245/70R16 106S500
Geolandar A/T-SP255/70R16 109S500
Geolandar A/T-SP255/70R17 110S500
Geolandar A/T-SP265/70R16 111S500
Geolandar A/T-SP265/70R17 113S500
Geolandar A/T-SP265/70R18 114S500
Geolandar A/T-SP275/60R17 110S500
Geolandar H/T-SP215/70R16 99S500
Geolandar H/T-SP225/70R16 101S500
Geolandar H/T-SP225/75R16 106S500
Geolandar H/T-SP235/70R16 104S500
Geolandar H/T-SP235/70R17 108S500
Geolandar H/T-SP235/75R15 108S500
Geolandar H/T-SP235/75R16 109S500
Geolandar H/T-SP245/65R17 105S500
Geolandar H/T-SP245/70R16 106S500
Geolandar H/T-SP245/70R17 108S500
Geolandar H/T-SP245/75R16 109S500
Geolandar H/T-SP255/65R16 106S500
Geolandar H/T-SP255/65R17 108S500
Geolandar H/T-SP255/70R16 112S500
Geolandar H/T-SP255/70R18 112S500
Geolandar H/T-SP265/65R17 110S500
Geolandar H/T-SP265/70R15 110S500
Geolandar H/T-SP265/70R16 111S500
Geolandar H/T-SP265/70R17 113S500
Geolandar H/T-SP265/75R15 112S500
Geolandar H/T-SP265/75R16 114T500
Geolandar H/T-SP275/65R18 114H500
Geolandar H/T-SP275/70R16 114S500
Geolandar H/T-S235/65R17 108H460
Geolandar H/T-S255/55R18 109H460
Geolandar H/T-S265/60R18 110H460
Geolandar H/T-S275/55R17 109H460
Geolandar H/T-S285/50R20 112H460
Geolandar H/T-S285/50R20 112V460
Geolandar H/T-S285/60R18 120H460
Geolandar H/T-S305/40R22 114H460
Geolandar H/T-S305/45R22 118H460
Geolandar H/T-S305/50R20 120H460
Geolandar H/T-SP275/45R20 106H460
Geolandar H/T-SP275/55R20 111H460
Geolandar H/T-SP275/60R17 110H460
Aegis Ls4P175/65R14 81S420
Aegis Ls4P175/70R13 82S420
Aegis Ls4P175/70R14 84S420
Aegis Ls4P185/65R14 85S420
Aegis Ls4P185/70R13 85S420
Aegis Ls4P185/70R14 87S420
Aegis Ls4P185/75R14 89S420
Aegis Ls4P195/70R14 90S420
Aegis Ls4P195/75R14 92S420
Aegis Ls4P205/65R15 92S420
Aegis Ls4P205/70R14 93S420
Aegis Ls4P205/70R15 95S420
Aegis Ls4P205/75R14 95S420
Aegis Ls4P205/75R15 97S420
Aegis Ls4P215/65R15 95S420
Aegis Ls4P215/70R14 96S420
Aegis Ls4P215/70R15 97S420
Aegis Ls4P215/75R15 100S420
Aegis Ls4P225/70R15 100S420
Aegis Ls4P225/75R15 102S420
Aegis Ls4P235/70R15 102S420
Aegis Ls4P235/75R15 105S420
Avid T4P175/65R14 81T420
Avid T4P175/70R13 82T420
Avid T4P175/70R14 84T420
Avid T4P185/60R14 82T420
Avid T4P185/65R14 85T420
Avid T4P185/65R15 86T420
Avid T4P185/70R13 85T420
Avid T4P185/70R14 87T420
Avid T4P195/50R15 81T420
Avid T4P195/55R15 84T420
Avid T4P195/60R14 85T420
Avid T4P195/60R15 87T420
Avid T4P195/65R14 88T420
Avid T4P195/65R15 89T420
Avid T4P195/70R14 90T420
Avid T4P205/50R15 84T420
Avid T4P205/55R16 89T420
Avid T4P205/60R15 90T420
Avid T4P205/60R16 91T420
Avid T4P205/65R15 92T420
Avid T4P205/70R14 93T420
Avid T4P205/70R15 95T420
Avid T4P215/50R17 93T420
Avid T4P215/55R16 91T420
Avid T4P215/60R14 91T420
Avid T4P215/60R15 93T420
Avid T4P215/60R16 94T420
Avid T4P215/65R15 95T420
Avid T4P215/70R15 97T420
Avid T4P225/50R15 90T420
Avid T4P225/55R17 95T420
Avid T4P225/60R15 95T420
Avid T4P225/60R16 97T420
Avid T4P235/55R16 96T420
Avid T4P245/50R16 96T420
Parada Spec-X285/35R22 106V420
Parada Spec-X285/35R23 107V420
Parada Spec-X285/40R22 110V420
Parada Spec-X285/40R23 111V420
Parada Spec-X285/40R24 112V420
Parada Spec-X285/45R22 114V420
Parada Spec-X285/50R20 112V420
Parada Spec-X295/30R23 104V420
Parada Spec-X295/35R24 110V420
Parada Spec-X295/45R20 114V420
Parada Spec-X305/35R24 112V420
Parada Spec-X305/40R22 114V420
Parada Spec-X305/40R23 115V420
Parada Spec-X305/45R22 118V420
Parada Spec-X305/50R20 120V420
Parada Spec-X315/30R30 116V420
Parada Spec-X315/35R24 114V420
Parada Spec-X315/40R25 120V420
Parada Spec-X315/40R26 120V420
Parada Spec-X325/35R28 120V420
Parada Spec-X325/45R24 116V420
Parada Spec-X225/60R18 100H420
Parada Spec-X235/55R18 99V420
Parada Spec-X245/45R20 99V420
Parada Spec-X255/35R22 99V420
Parada Spec-X255/40R20 101V420
Parada Spec-X255/45R20 105V420
Parada Spec-X255/50R20 109V420
Parada Spec-X265/30R22 97V420
Parada Spec-X265/35R22 102V420
Parada Spec-X265/40R22 106V420
Parada Spec-X265/50R20 111V420
Parada Spec-X275/45R20 110V420
Parada Spec-X275/55R20 117V420
Advan S.4.205/50R17 93W400
Advan S.4.205/55R16 91W400
Advan S.4.215/45R17 87W400
Advan S.4.215/55R16 93W400
Advan S.4.225/40R18 92W400
Advan S.4.225/45R17 94W400
Advan S.4.225/50R16 92W400
Advan S.4.225/50R17 94W400
Advan S.4.225/55R16 95W400
Advan S.4.225/55R17 97W400
Advan S.4.225/60R16 98W400
Advan S.4.235/40R18 91W400
Advan S.4.235/45R17 94W400
Advan S.4.235/50R17 96W400
Advan S.4.245/40R17 91W400
Advan S.4.245/40R18 93W400
Advan S.4.245/45R17 95W400
Advan S.4.245/45R18 96W400
Advan S.4.245/45R19 98Y400
Advan S.4.245/50R18 100V400
Advan S.4.255/35R18 90W400
Advan S.4.255/35R19 96Y400
Advan S.4.255/40R17 94W400
Advan S.4.255/40R19 100Y400
Advan S.4.255/45R18 99W400
Advan S.4.265/35R18 93W400
Advan S.4.265/40R18 101W400
Advan S.4.275/35R18 99W400
Advan S.4.275/40R19 105Y400
Advan S.4.P215/60R16 94V400
Avid W4S205/40R17 84W400
Avid W4S215/40R18 89W400
Avid W4S215/45R17 91W400
Avid W4S225/35R20 90W400
Avid W4S225/40R18 92W400
Avid W4S225/45R17 91W400
Avid W4S225/45R18 91W400
Avid W4S225/50R17 94W400
Avid W4S235/40R18 95W400
Avid W4S235/45R17 97W400
Avid W4S235/45R18 94W400
Avid W4S245/35R20 95W400
Avid W4S245/40R18 97W400
Avid W4S245/45R17 95W400
Avid W4S245/45R18 96W400
Avid W4S255/35R20 97W400
Avid W4S255/40R17 94W400
Avid W4SP215/50R17 93W400
Geolandar H/TP205/75R15 97S360
Geolandar H/TP215/75R15 100S360
Geolandar H/TP225/70R15 100S360
Geolandar H/TP225/75R15 102S360
Geolandar H/TP235/75R15 105S360
Geolandar H/TP265/75R16 114S360
Advan S.T.225/55R17 101W320
Advan S.T.235/50R18 101W320
Advan S.T.235/55R17 103W320
Advan S.T.235/55R18 100W320
Advan S.T.235/60R18 107W320
Advan S.T.235/65R17 108W320
Advan S.T.245/45R20 99Y320
Advan S.T.245/50R19 105W320
Advan S.T.255/45R18 103W320
Advan S.T.255/50R17 101W320
Advan S.T.255/50R19 107W320
Advan S.T.255/50R20 109Y320
Advan S.T.255/55R18 109W320
Advan S.T.255/55R19 107Y320
Advan S.T.255/60R17 110W320
Advan S.T.265/35R22 102Y320
Advan S.T.265/45R20 108Y320
Advan S.T.265/50R20 111W320
Advan S.T.275/30R22 99Y320
Advan S.T.275/40R20 106Y320
Advan S.T.275/45R19 108Y320
Advan S.T.275/45R20 110Y320
Advan S.T.275/50R20 113W320
Advan S.T.275/55R17 109W320
Advan S.T.285/45R19 107W320
Advan S.T.285/45R20 112Y320
Advan S.T.285/50R18 109W320
Advan S.T.285/55R18 113W320
Advan S.T.295/30R22 103Y320
Advan S.T.295/35R22 108Y320
Advan S.T.295/40R20 106Y320
Advan S.T.295/45R19 109W320
Advan S.T.295/45R20 114W320
Advan S.T.305/35R23 111W320
Advan S.T.305/35R24 112W320
Advan S.T.305/40R22 114W320
Advan S.T.305/45R20 116W320
Advan S.T.315/30R22 107Y320
Advan S.T.315/35R20 110Y320
Parada Spec-2205/40R16 83V300
Parada Spec-2205/40ZR17 84W300
Parada Spec-2205/45R16 83V300
Parada Spec-2205/45ZR17 84W300
Parada Spec-2215/35ZR18 84W300
Parada Spec-2215/35ZR19 85Y300
Parada Spec-2215/40ZR17 83W300
Parada Spec-2215/40ZR18 85W300
Parada Spec-2225/35ZR18 83W300
Parada Spec-2225/35ZR19 88Y300
Parada Spec-2225/40ZR18 92W300
S.Drive195/40R16 80W300
S.Drive195/40R17 81W300
S.Drive195/45R16 84W300
S.Drive195/45R17 85W300
S.Drive195/50R15 82V300
S.Drive195/55R15 85V300
S.Drive205/40R17 84W300
S.Drive205/40R18 86Y300
S.Drive205/45R16 87W300
S.Drive205/45R17 88W300
S.Drive205/50R15 86V300
S.Drive205/50R16 87W300
S.Drive205/50R17 93W300
S.Drive205/55R15 88W300
S.Drive205/55R16 91W300
S.Drive215/35R18 84Y300
S.Drive215/35R19 85Y300
S.Drive215/40R16 86W300
S.Drive215/40R17 87W300
S.Drive215/40R18 89Y300
S.Drive215/45R17 91W300
S.Drive215/50R17 95W300
S.Drive215/55R16 93W300
S.Drive215/55R17 98W300
S.Drive225/35R18 87Y300
S.Drive225/35R19 88Y300
S.Drive225/35R20 90Y300
S.Drive225/40R18 92Y300
S.Drive225/45R17 91Y300
S.Drive225/45R18 95Y300
S.Drive225/50R16 92W300
S.Drive225/50R17 98W300
S.Drive225/55R16 95W300
S.Drive225/55R17 97Y300
S.Drive235/35R19 91Y300
S.Drive235/40R18 95Y300
S.Drive235/45R17 97W300
S.Drive235/50R17 100W300
S.Drive235/55R17 103W300
S.Drive245/30R19 89Y300
S.Drive245/35R18 92Y300
S.Drive245/35R19 93Y300
S.Drive245/35R20 95Y300
S.Drive245/40R17 91Y300
S.Drive245/40R18 97Y300
S.Drive245/40R19 94Y300
S.Drive245/40R20 99Y300
S.Drive245/45R17 99W300
S.Drive255/30R20 92Y300
S.Drive255/35R18 94Y300
S.Drive255/35R20 97Y300
S.Drive255/40R17 94Y300
S.Drive255/45R18 103Y300
S.Drive265/35R18 97Y300
S.Drive275/30R20 97Y300
S.Drive275/35R18 99Y300
S.Drive275/35R19 96Y300
S.Drive275/35R20 102Y300
S.Drive275/40R17 98W300
S.Drive275/40R18 99Y300
S.Drive285/30R20 99Y300
Advan Sport275/40R20 106Y XL280
Advan Sport275/45R19 108Y XL280
Advan Sport295/35R21 107Y280
Advan Sport295/40ZR20 106Y280
Advan Neova175/55R16 80W180
Advan Neova205/50R17 89W180
Advan Neova225/40R18 88W180
Advan Neova225/45R17 91W180
Advan Neova225/45R18 91W180
Advan Neova235/40R17 90W180
Advan Neova235/40R18 91W180
Advan Neova245/40R17 91W180
Advan Neova255/40R17 94W180
Advan Neova255/40R18 95W180
Advan Neova265/35R18 93W180
Advan Neova285/30R18 93W180
Advan Neova295/30R18 94W180
Advan Sport205/50ZR17 93Y180
Advan Sport205/55ZR17 91Y180
Advan Sport215/45ZR17 91Y180
Advan Sport215/45ZR18 89Y180
Advan Sport225/35ZR19 (88Y)180
Advan Sport225/40ZR18 92Y180
Advan Sport225/40ZR19 (93Y)180
Advan Sport225/45ZR17 94Y180
Advan Sport225/45ZR18 (91Y)180
Advan Sport225/45ZR18 95Y180
Advan Sport225/50ZR17 98Y180
Advan Sport225/55ZR17 101Y180
Advan Sport235/30ZR20 (88Y)180
Advan Sport235/35ZR19 (91Y)180
Advan Sport235/40ZR18 91Y180
Advan Sport235/40ZR18 95Y180
Advan Sport235/40ZR19 (92Y)180
Advan Sport235/45ZR17 97Y180
Advan Sport235/45ZR19 (95Y)180
Advan Sport235/50ZR17 96Y180
Advan Sport235/55ZR17 103Y180
Advan Sport245/30ZR19 (89Y)180
Advan Sport245/30ZR20 (90Y)180
Advan Sport245/35ZR18 92Y180
Advan Sport245/35ZR19 (93Y)180
Advan Sport245/35ZR20 (95Y)180
Advan Sport245/35ZR21 (96Y)180
Advan Sport245/40ZR17 91Y180
Advan Sport245/40ZR18 97Y180
Advan Sport245/40ZR19 (98Y)180
Advan Sport245/40ZR20 (99Y)180
Advan Sport245/45ZR17 99Y180
Advan Sport245/45ZR18 (100Y)180
Advan Sport245/45ZR19 (98Y)180
Advan Sport255/30ZR19 (91Y)180
Advan Sport255/30ZR19 (91Y) (R)180
Advan Sport255/30ZR20 (92Y)180
Advan Sport255/30ZR21 (93Y)180
Advan Sport255/30ZR22 (95Y)180
Advan Sport255/35ZR18 94Y180
Advan Sport255/35ZR19 (96Y)180
Advan Sport255/35ZR20180
Advan Sport255/35ZR20 (97Y)180
Advan Sport255/35ZR21 (98Y)180
Advan Sport255/40ZR17 94Y180
Advan Sport255/40ZR18 (99Y)180
Advan Sport255/40ZR19 (100Y)180
Advan Sport255/45ZR18 (103Y)180
Advan Sport255/55R18 109Y180
Advan Sport265/30ZR19 (93Y)180
Advan Sport265/30ZR22 (97Y)180
Advan Sport265/35ZR18 97Y180
Advan Sport265/35ZR19 (94Y)180
Advan Sport265/35ZR20 99Y180
Advan Sport265/40ZR18 (101Y)180
Advan Sport275/25ZR20 (91Y)180
Advan Sport275/30ZR19 (96Y)180
Advan Sport275/30ZR20 (97Y)180
Advan Sport275/35ZR18 95Y180
Advan Sport275/35ZR19 (100Y)180
Advan Sport275/35ZR20180
Advan Sport275/35ZR20 (102Y)180
Advan Sport275/40ZR18 (103Y)180
Advan Sport275/40ZR19 (105Y)180
Advan Sport285/25ZR20 (93Y)180
Advan Sport285/30ZR18 (97Y)180
Advan Sport285/30ZR19 (98Y)180
Advan Sport285/30ZR20 (99Y)180
Advan Sport285/30ZR21 (100Y)180
Advan Sport285/35ZR18 (101Y)180
Advan Sport285/35ZR19 (99Y)180
Advan Sport285/40ZR18 (101Y)180
Advan Sport295/25ZR20 (95Y)180
Advan Sport295/25ZR21 (96Y)180
Advan Sport295/25ZR22 (97Y)180
Advan Sport295/30ZR18 (98Y)180
Advan Sport295/30ZR19 (100Y)180
Advan Sport295/30ZR21 (102Y)180
Advan Sport295/35ZR18 99Y180
Advan Sport305/25ZR20 (97Y)180
Advan Sport305/30ZR19 (102Y) XL180
Advan Sport315/25ZR19 (94Y)180
Advan Sport315/30ZR18 (98Y)180
Avs Sport225/40ZR18180
Avs Sport245/35ZR19 93Y180
Avs Sport245/40ZR18 93Y180
Avs Sport255/40ZR19 96Y180
Avs Sport265/30ZR19 93Y180
Avs Sport265/35ZR18180
Avs Sport285/40ZR19 103Y180
Avs SportP245/45ZR17 89Y180
Avs SportP275/40ZR18 94Y180
Advan A048195/50R16 84W60
Advan A048205/50R15 86V60
Advan A048205/55R16 91W60
Advan A048205/60R15 91H60
Advan A048215/45R17 87W60
Advan A048225/40R18 88Y60
Advan A048225/45R16 89W60
Advan A048225/45R17 90W60
Advan A048225/50R15 91V60
Advan A048225/50R16 92W60
Advan A048235/40R18 91Y60
Advan A048235/45R17 93W60
Advan A048245/40R17 91W60
Advan A048255/40R17 94W60
Advan A048265/35R18 93Y60
Advan A048285/30R18 93Y60
Advan A048295/30R18 94Y60
Advan A048315/30R18 98Y60

What is Tread Wear Rating and how is it calculated?

Tire Tread Wear Testing Facilities

Tread Wear Rating is a numerical value assigned to a tire that indicates how long it is expected to last in relation to a reference tire. It is typically calculated based on a standardized test where the tire is run on a specific course for a set distance and the amount of wear is measured.

The higher the Tread Wear Rating, the longer the tire is expected to last.

What are the common Tread Wear Rating ranges?

Tire Treadwear Rating Sidewall Marking
  • 100-199: Low Tread Wear Rating – These tires are typically softer and offer better traction and grip, but may wear out faster and have a shorter lifespan. They are commonly used in high-performance or racing applications where grip and performance are prioritized over durability.
  • 200-399: Moderate Tread Wear Rating – These tires offer a balance between grip and durability. They are suitable for everyday driving and provide reasonable tread life for most vehicles and driving conditions.
  • 400-599: High Tread Wear Rating – These tires are designed to be durable and offer longer tread life. They are suitable for regular passenger vehicles and provide good performance and durability for normal driving conditions.
  • 600 and above: Very High Tread Wear Rating – These tires are built to be extremely durable and can offer an extended tread life. They are commonly used in commercial or heavy-duty applications where durability and longevity are critical.

How does Tread Wear Rating affect the lifespan of a tire?

Tread Wear Rating directly affects the lifespan of a tire. A tire with a higher Tread Wear Rating is expected to last longer than a tire with a lower rating. However, actual lifespan can be influenced by various factors such as driving conditions, tire maintenance, and driving habits.

What factors can affect the tread wear rating of a tire?

Several factors can affect the tread wear rating of a tire, including the tire’s design, tread pattern, rubber compound, and construction.

Driving conditions such as road surface, temperature, and load can also impact tread wear. Additionally, tire maintenance practices, such as regular rotation, alignment, and inflation, can affect tread wear rating.

Is a higher Tread Wear Rating always better?

Not necessarily. A higher Tread Wear Rating does not always mean a tire is better. It simply indicates that the tire is expected to last longer.

Other performance factors like traction, handling, and ride comfort should also be considered when choosing a tire, as they may be more important depending on the intended use of the tire.

How does Tread Wear Rating relate to performance characteristics of tires?

While Tread Wear Rating does not directly affect traction and grip, there can be some indirect relationship between these factors. Tires with lower tread wear ratings may offer better traction and grip due to their softer compound and increased contact with the road surface.

On the other hand, tires with higher tread wear ratings, which are typically harder and more durable, may provide longer tread life but may have slightly reduced traction and grip.